Jeff Jewitt has been involved in the musical instrument business for over 30 years. Although primarily known as a furniture restoration expert and finisher, he caught the lutherie bug in the late 1980’s. After building a few kit guitars as practice, he then built has first built-from-scratch guitar in 1987 following William Cupiano’s book “Guitarmaking – Tradition and Technology.”  Finding full-time lutherie a bit of a financial struggle, he began to focus primarily on furniture restoration, antique repairs and refinishing and operated a very successful business with his wife Susan. Always looking to find better ways of doing things, in the 1990’s he began developing dye stains under the TransFast® and TransTint® names – products which are currently used by many of the major guitar manufacturers as well as thousands of guitar-makers and wood finishers. He started Homestead Finishing Products in 1994 and currently operates this business to the present day.

Jeff has written 4 books on Finishing and 2 books on Refinishing. He has been associated with Fine Woodworking Magazine for over 20 years and has authored dozens of articles and technical advice. He’s done 4 DVD style videos and an on-line course on Finishing an Acoustic Guitar. He has taught finishing courses all over the country and has also spoken at the annual AWFS furniture show as well as presented at the ASIA symposium in 2017.

Over the years, Jeff always found time to devote to his passion, which is building acoustic guitars.

Jeff attended University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio and graduated in 1972. He received his BA in Studio Arts in 1976 from Kenyon College. He and his wife, Susan, currently reside in Strongsville, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland).